Camping is an outdoor activity that involves one or more overnight stays generally away from the participants’ homes mostly in a shelter that is made out of a tent. Usually, the participants would leave the developed areas to spend the time outdoors that is mostly in the woods or anywhere that is more natural and involves an act of climbing, tenting, swimming and cooking. The objective of this activity is to get away from the routine life of the participants and to engage in a completely different lifestyle than their previous ones. The participants of this activity will remember this as one of their unforgettable memories as they are different.

Camping can be defined as a range of activities and approaches that are done in an outdoor accommodation. Campers would mostly choose a remote area where they don’t get any access to any luxurious amenities such as electricity, furniture and other such elements that would make the stay easy. Camping can also be combined with backpacking, hiking and also includes canoeing, kayaking, hunting, climbing, bungee jumping, and fishing. Despite such difficulties, many people still aspire to camp in the woods or in a place without modern amenities as there are an adventure and fun in it.